Sandstorm Assassin | Class Story

LU Team Updated At 2023-09-13 09:10:51

The Sandsong clan has passed down a story through generations. During the Dark Ages, an ancestor of the ancient Sandsong, seduced by the chaos demons, fell into becoming a puppet of chaos and tragically slaughtered their own kin as a sacrifice to these demons.
When the Ancient God eventually defeated the chaos demons controlling the ancestor, the awakened Sandsong ancestor couldn't bear the weight of their crimes and fervently beseeched the Ancient God for punishment. In response, the Ancient God inscribed magical runes on his body—runes that recorded his misdeeds, but also granting him the power to dispel chaos, and the immortal body. From that moment on, this immortal being, burdened by guilt, stood as the solitary guardian of the Sandsong Oasis, seeking redemption.
The descendants of this ancestor inherited these runes. They became the Sandstorm's Razors in the desert, shouldering the responsibility of banishing chaos and protecting the Sandsong people.