Oracle Sage | Class Story

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The God of Creation, Freya, brought forth the Cloudwaste clan and bestowed upon them the role of "Observers." They possessed an exceptionally keen perception, as Freya herself taught them how to sense and manipulate elemental energy.
However, as the Dark Ages descended, they stood alongside the God of Creation, Freya, facing the mightiest of adversaries, the Chaos Demons. This made them the most heavily affected race, enduring immense losses.
In the end, the heavily depleted Cloudwaste clan opted to join the ranks of the Dragon Slayer Alliance. When victory was secured, only a small number of Cloudwaste sages had survived.
As the Chaos Legion retreated to the Barren Land, bereft of the leadership of the God of Creation, Freya, the Cloudwaste survivors founded the Shenzhao Temple. Here, they continued their role as "Observers," dedicated to chronicling and safeguarding all occurrences within the magical land.