Dragon Slayer | Class Story

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The dragon Dennis used to enjoy flying around Stormgard. The city was even referred to as the "City of Dragons" during that time. The humans within Stormwind City were known as the "Dragon Guardians," and later on, they gradually started identifying themselves as the "Dragonkin Bloodline."
During the Chaos invasion, the Stormgard Dragonkin received the blessings of the God of Justice and War, Bahram. This bestowed upon them the ability to harness the power of Crystalith energy, enabling them to fight alongside the dragon Dennis against the Chaos Demons.
After the influence of chaos corrupted the dragon Dennis, the Chaos Demons formed the Chaos Legion, led by the Demon Dragon Dennis. The three ancient races established the Dragon Slayer Alliance, with the dragonkin warriors of Stormgard being among the first to join.
After the Chaos Legion retreated to the Barren Land, the warrior legion of Stormgard became known as the Dragon Slayer Legion. These warriors have since then stood guard at the borders of the Northland coastline, protecting this magical land for generations.