Nether Envoy | Class Story

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In the magical land, certain beings undergo evolution under the influence of Crystalith energy. When these creatures meet their demise, their souls undergo purification within the Tower of Life, a structure constructed in the Ruins by the deity of the afterlife. Here, the crystalline energy contained within their souls is extracted and used to sustain other magical beings on the continent.
The Revenant Clan is the creation of Istha, the deity of life and death, serving as the guides of departed souls.
During the Dark Ages, when chaos invaded, the souls of the departed were corrupted by the influence of chaotic forces, transforming into necro demons.
The messengers of Revenant Clan not only bear the responsibility of guiding departed souls but also must hunt down necro demons and return the Crystalith energy contained within them to the Tower of Life for purification.
From that moment onward, the Revenant Clan began to emerge from the Ruins, eventually becoming the “Nether Envoy” in the eyes of future generations.