Darkness descends Devil dragon revived The Great World of Western Fantasy invites you to adventure...


Nether Envoy


"With the Scythe, I’m the Death". Nether Envoy is the Melee Sweeper that makes use of swinging bloody axes and scythes to tear apart any foes that stand in front of them.

Dragon Slayer


Dragon Slayer is melee warrior, whose weapon is [Great Sword]. The chaos power infiltrated Giant chaotic monsters formed a Legion led by the Demon Dragon, then the three ancient clans created the Dragon Slayer Alliance, and warriors from City took the lead.

Sandstorm Assassin


Sandstorm Assassin specializes in melee single bursts, his weapon is [Razor]. Legend says the descendants of the ancestor inherited an ancient rune, which made Assassin became the sandstorm blade of the desert world and responsible for banishing chaos and guarding homeland.

Oracle Sage


Oracle Sage is elemental magician, who is good at long-range group output. The weapon is [Oracle Wand]. In the rising era, Oracle Sage founded the Oracle Temple without the Creator God Freya, continuing their mission of [World Observers].

Gunslinger Ranger


Gunslinger Ranger specializes in remote single-point bursts, the weapon is [Pair of Guns]. In the prosperity era, ancestors accumulated abundant wealth that allowed Gunslinger Ranger to develop advanced tech creatively and combine magical energy with technological power.